HAIR & NAILS (178902106156)HAIR & NAILS (178902106156)

Hair & Nails

From 140 kr
Hair & Nails Peach (6754542420122)Hair & Nails Peach (6754542420122)

Hair & Nails Peach

From 140 kr
KIDS MULTIVITAMIN (178987434028)Kids Multivitamin (178987434028)

Kids Multivitamin

From 140 kr
ADULTS MULTIVITAMIN (179425869868)Adults Multivitamin (179425869868)

Adult Multivitamin

From 140 kr
VitaYummy Collagen (7564863340698)VitaYummy Collagen (7564863340698)

VitaYummy Collagen

From 150 kr
Magnesium Citrate (7294780997786)Magnesium Citrate (7294780997786)

Magnesium Citrate

From 140 kr
Beauty Sleep (7087667151002)Beauty Sleep (7087667151002)

Beauty Sleep

From 140 kr
Energy Support (7087665610906)Energy Support (7087665610906)

Energy Support

From 140 kr
D3 (6750125785242)D3 (6750125785242)


From 140 kr
IMMUNE (5789698949274)Immune Support (5789698949274)

Immune Support

From 140 kr
ANTI AGE (4599111352416)ANTI AGE (4599111352416)

Anti Age

From 140 kr
B Complex (7295311872154)B Complex (7295311872154)

B Complex

From 140 kr
Omega 3Omega 3 (7351471440026)
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Omega 3

From 140 kr

VitaYummy gummy vitamins

VitaYummy is Danish, and we have learned from the best, but we constantly seek to improve.

We are relevant, we follow trends and contribute where we can make a difference. When we see new problems that we can solve, we develop new products. We are a beauty brand and offer a vitamin alphabet that appeals to the whole family. This is your daily source of vitamins that you will never forget to take. This is because flavour is the driving force. We are fun; after all, we come in the shape of gummy bears. However, we’re very serious when it comes to the contents of our products. We never compromise. We do everything with respect for the latest knowledge and findings in our field. You will find our delicious vegan gummy vitamins in many varieties to meet different needs.  Only the best ingredients are good enough for you and your family. That's why VitaYummy is completely free from artificial colours, flavours, and sweeteners.


It is important to get a sufficient amount of omega-3 fatty acids. These occur naturally in fish and, for that reason, omega-3 is often referred to as fish oil. However, our Omega-3 is made from algae and is, therefore, vegan. Not all of us have year-round access to fresh fish, and some parents struggle to get their children to eat fish at all. In these cases, Omega-3 supplements can play an important role in ensuring intake of an optimal amount of fish oil. In addition, in the form of vitamin bears, this supplement will be much easier to ingest – especially for the children.


You will also find our delicious vitamin bears in multivitamin form for both adults and children. This way, the whole family can get a thorough supplement of important vitamins and minerals, such as B12, which the body does not produce on its own and must therefore acquire through food and supplements.


Maintain a normal immune system for both yourself and your children with VitaYummy Immune. The wonderful raspberry flavour guarantees an enjoyable vitamin experience.


VitaYummy Hair & Nails helps you maintain normal hair and nails. These vitamin gummies are carefully composed of folic acid and essential vitamins to nourish your hair and nails.


Our VitaYummy Anti Age gummy vitamins are specifically developed to protect your cells from oxidative stress. The vitamin gummies contain, among other things, the Q10 coenzyme and lycopene, an antioxidant.


Give your skin a little extra care with VitaYummy Tan & Glow.


One of the major challenges of living in the Nordic countries is the lack of sunshine. This can result in a vitamin D deficiency. With VitaYummy Calcium & Vitamin D, you can supplement your daily vitamin intake. The gummy vitamins also contain calcium, which helps maintain normal bones and teeth.

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