We are a Danish vitamin company, based in Roskilde. We have extensive experience in dietary supplements and nutritious foods that taste good. VitaYummy want to be relevant, and we follow trends so that we can contribute where we feel we can make a difference. That’s why we develop new products when we discover problems that we can help to solve. Our products may be cute little gummy bears, but we’re deeply serious when it comes to ingredients. We never compromise, and everything we do is done with respect for the latest knowledge in our field.

We are a beauty brand and offer a vitamin alphabet that appeals to the whole family. The daily source of vitamins that you never forget to take, because flavour is the driving force.

Only the best ingredients are good enough for you and your family. That's why VitaYummy is completely free of artificial colours, flavourings, and sweeteners. VitaYummy is also free from animal gelatine and is thus suitable for vegans.

Maintaining good health does not have to be expensive. That's why we offer our products at an affordable price.

Our products

We believe that the daily vitamin supplement should be delicious and easy to take. The contents and the flavour must be high quality. We have carefully developed vitamin complexes to suit the needs of people in the Nordic countries. This applies to child health and growth, adult health, and special focus areas, such as hair and nails. Each VitaYummy product is a unique combination of vitamins and minerals, created to help you and your loved ones achieve optimal health results.

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