Kids Multivitamin Cola

159 kr
The very popular multivitamin for children has come in a delicious new version
flavor: Cola

VitaYummy Kids Multivitamins are for children aged 3 and over.

A normal diet covers the child's need for vitamins and minerals, but it
can be difficult to get the little ones to eat a healthy and varied diet. You can
therefore choose to supplement the children's diet with two VitaYummy Kids Multivitamins
a day, it is an easy and fun solution that your child will remember for you.

VitaYummy Kids Multivitamins contain a complex of vitamin A, several
various B vitamins, vitamin C and D and in addition the minerals zinc and iodine.
The composition contributes to the child's: Normal growth and bone development,
normal function of the immune system and normal cognitive function.

The good taste comes from the cola aroma, which is one of the children's favorites when
the daily dose are eaten. And the format is absolutely perfect for children who have
difficulty or unwillingness to swallow pills.

The color in VitaYummy comes from fruit and vegetable concentrates and the taste from
natural aromas.

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