Mother's Day package

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On the occasion of Mother's Day, Ditte Haugaard has put together a super delicious package with her three VitaYummy favourites. Ditte Haugaard is a bit of a power woman, with whom we have had a wonderful collaboration for a long time. Ditte is, among other things, influential and you can follow her fine profile @byditte .

"Vitamin pills have been difficult for me all my life both to remember and to get down. Until I found these teddy bears from VitaYummy They make it downright a pleasure. The rest of the family also love these little teddy bears and it is no longer a problem to get husband and children to remember the vitamins. I also love that you can put them together according to your own needs and age." - Ditte Haugaard

We are super proud and happy that Ditte wants to put together this delicious Mother's Day package at a sharp price. It contains: VitaYummy Adults Multivitamins (strawberry), Hair & Nails Summer (strawberry) and Collagen (tropical).

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