VitaYummy Collagen

169 kr
Groundbreaking news in VitaYummy!

Smiles must first and foremost leave a mark on others. VitaYummy's world has become a beauty series bigger. A new turquoise universe by Collagen. A different boost for everyone who wants to show the world their true face and age with a smile. But where the fine lines must be postponed for as long as possible.

VitaYummy Collagen contains:
• 1500 mg of hydrolysed collagen from Verisol®, which reduces fine lines.
• Vitamin C, which contributes to the normal formation of collagen, which is important for normally functioning blood vessels, bones, cartilage, gums, skin and teeth.
• Biotin, which contributes to maintaining normal skin and normal mucous membranes.
• Zinc, which contributes to maintaining normal skin.
• Natural color from carrot and pumpkin, and a fresh tropical taste of passion fruit. Contains animal gelatin

When VitaYummy develops new products, simplicity, content and taste must come together in a higher unity. The composition of all ingredients must be powerful, natural and can be shaped like gummy bears with bites. In order to meet all the requirements, the new Collagen product is not vegan. In return, it gets under one's skin with everything that can contribute to its care and maintenance. Everything that makes it easy to care for beauty from the inside.

The bucket has turned in the Collagen category. A new standard has been set, both when it comes to content and taste. A new turquoise universe for all women, wherever they are.

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