Christine Matthesen about collagen and skin care products

As we get older, the collagen level in our skin drops, and the whole thing can become a little more loose and less elastic. Some of the biggest culprits that break down your collagen are:

• The sun's UVA rays: UVA rays from the sun are one of the biggest culprits in the breakdown of collagen. Use sunscreen daily to protect your skin from sun damage.

• Pollution: Protect your skin from pollution damage by cleansing it thoroughly and using antioxidant-rich products.

• Tobacco: Smoking breaks down collagen and elastin.

These are things you can do something about from the outside, but there are also things you can do from the inside - both to protect the collagen you already have, but also to stimulate your own production of collagen.

So what should you look for when buying skin care products in the desire to stimulate your own collagen production? Vitamin A is clearly one of the most researched and documented ingredients. Vitamin C helps protect your skin during the day against free radicals and pollution, but it also contributes at night by stimulating your own collagen production. In addition, AHA, such as glucosic acid, i.e. exfoliation and peeling can also help.

Some of the newer ingredients, which are not quite as researched, are for example niacinamide, peptides and bakuchiol. Various treatments can also help stimulate your collagen production. They do that, for example with laser, LED or microneedling.

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