Mette Bloch: About nutritional supplements and good habits

Mette Bloch is a motivational coach and knows a myriad of different good tools that can be instrumental in creating good habits. She talks about how VitaYummy is one of Mette's good habits in this blog post.

You know it. You want to change your lifestyle, live healthier and more sensibly, but it's hard to stick with it.

Most people go on a cure of some kind, i.e. a period where they live in a different way than they usually do, more exercise, healthier food and maybe even a little mindfulness. The vast majority are back to the start after a very short time, or perhaps they complete the course, but then fall back into their old habits.

I'm like that too. I'm not a notch better than everyone else, and I've decided time and time again that now I have to live in a COMPLETELY new way for the rest of my life, to hear myself say "it's really best to start with that project on Monday” and then I forget about Monday, and then it's the next Monday (you just continue that story yourself).

One thing I have done that helps me, and that I really feel has an effect, is to create some routines that remind me why I do what I do. And if that sounds like a mess, let me give you an example.

I feel like snacking in the evening. Especially late at night because the irrational part of my brain thinks I'll lie awake with a rumbling stomach all night if I don't eat.

I could easily pour a bag of wine gums into the head, a couple of cheese snacks and maybe a bag of popcorn, mostly because it's silly to only eat half when they get soft once the bag has been opened.

I've stopped that, the snacking. And how? you might be thinking. Well, it's not because I've become super cool or that I put a lot of pressure on myself, I've just created a routine that works.

After I have eaten dinner and cleaned up, I like to drink a cup of coffee. I have a nice little machine that puts me to work with both having to make a shot of espresso, and then I have to steam milk. When I stand with the finished cup of coffee in my hand, I take 5 wine gums. Yup! I snack, I do. But they make good sense, the ones I take. It is two "Sleep support" and three "Magnesium citrate".

[sleep support]

[magnesium citrate]

I take them to the computer, the armchair where I read books or to the sofa by the TV. Then I sit there and have a sip of coffee, a wine gum, a sip of coffee, a wine gum - until the cup is empty and the wine gums are gone. My brain knows I've had something delicious, and I've even had something that relaxes in a cool way and makes me fall asleep easier.

My new routine lasts because I don't feel like I'm giving up anything. I just replaced candy bags and popcorn with vitamins. If it works for me, it can work for you too!

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